Article Writing

Article writing and article submission is quickly becoming a standard technique in the world of SEO. The writing of articles, generically or by way of article writing software, adding them to your existing website or to external sites is popular largely due to the PageRank system implemented by the Google search engine (and later WebRank by the Yahoo! search engine). Article writing is a combination of both On Page Optimization (used in the writing of the article) and Off Page Optimization (used in the submission process and one way link building). Although using article writing software can be quick and easy, there are some definite downsides to using article writing software which is discussed briefly further down this page.

When writing an article for your own website, which is what we will discuss here, many elements of On Page Optimization come into effect. The choice of keywords is very important. 3 to 4 keywords per article works best, and if you find there are too many advantageous keywords available for a particular article, consider splitting the content into two separate articles thereby distributing your keywords and getting the most out of each.

Expert in SEO’s writing team uses impeccable grammar and strategic content writing to make the most of your distributed content.

Internal linking is also important when article writing. Links from the article to other articles on your website (preferably in the same level of hierarchy) can help spiders index each and every one of your pages, making your website ‘larger’ in the eyes of the search engine. The general rule is the larger the website, the better it will rank (assuming that it is not being penalized for a number of article writing faux pas including duplicate content, ‘spammy’ keyword distribution, low-level article writing software or ‘untrusted’ inbound or outbound linkage).

Some companies used article writing software to create content – however with Google’s (and other search engines) push to calculate semantics and detect writing that is not ‘organic’ or natural, many companies are now finding that this software is becoming less and less effective.

Expert in SEO have extensive experience in both article writing and copywriting. We understand the fundamentals of what article to write and where to place it – by way of keyword research, traffic patterns and competition analysis.

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