Directory Submission

Directory submission has no doubt become an important Off Page factor. Submitting your page to a web site directory can garner you trusted, weighted links and give people another avenue in which to enter your site. Because of the popularity of directory submission, it is becoming increasingly important to know which web site directory or directories to submit to. Someone who randomly submits their site to ‘as many directories as possible’ will find that their efforts usually cancel themselves out. This is because the major search engines can actually penalize you for submitting to certain directories. Over the years, Expert in SEO has gained incredible experience in directory submission, creating business relationships with some of the major trusted directories thereby capitalizing on this technique with virtually zero penalization. Knowing which web site directory to submit to is crucial.

Expert in SEO also owns websites which are submitted to strategically grouped web site directories for research and analysis – when a directories credibility goes down and rankings are effected, we simply remove our clients from those directory’s and as a result get optimum efficiency from our directory submission strategy.

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Don’t trust just any company to submit your site to bulk directories that may be tarnish your online presence.