Keyword Research

Knowing what people search for in the major search engines and how many people search for any given term or phrase daily is essential to any online business striving for increased traffic and sales. This is called keyword research and involves seeding and selecting the most applicable keywords in the form of words and key phrases and applying them to the landing pages of a website to improve site promotion. A full understanding of how to vault businesses online into higher sales margins and return on investment via web site search engine optimization requires an expert understanding of:
• What terms people search for daily
• The number of people searching the major search engines for those keywords
• The relevancy and expected conversion of selected keywords
• Traffic and purchase patterns

Furthermore, keyword analysis research requires application which only comes with intuitive thinking and experience. In this type of research, some terms you will hear often are short tail searches, long tail searches, seeding and keyword counts.

Find and optimize your website for the terms that convert – for you.
The Purpose of Keywords
The purpose of keyword research and advanced keyword analysis research is really to capitalize on specific user searches for your products or services. The closer your keywords match what the consumer is looking for, the better chance you have of making a sale. The closer to target your research is in terms of what people search for, the more traffic you will get. Keyword research is a gentle balance of both worlds. The better we execute the proper keyword research, the better your return on investment from baseline up.

Don’t take chances with your business investment. We offer high quality on-topic research on keywords with strong marketing and sales in mind.

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