Optimized Press Releases

Online press releases have multiple functions and provide a myraid of benefits for any company. There are the obvious benefits: getting the word out on a new product, investment, service, acquisition, etc. The not so obvious benefits of optimized online press releases include increasing the avenues in which a potential customer can reach your site, the constant addition of content to your growing website increasing spider activity and decreasing index time, and lastly keeping your site from becoming stale or updated.

As discussed in both our copy writing and article submission articles, using strategic keywords analysis in your online press releases can create beneficial inbound links and link popularity. These are called optimized press releases, and with them businesses can find and use keywords that they otherwise may not have targeted.

Stale websites can lose visitors – especially sites that provide real content with article publishing dates. When someone searches for information and gets to a page article, there is a good chance they will scroll to see the date that the article or online press release was published before reading it. The same concept applies for your website in general. When someone comes to your business’s website and sees you published an optimized press release just days prior, it gives the browser the feeling that your business is ‘active’ which can be beneficial or of great importance depending on the business you are in.

Expert in SEO offers online press releases as part of some of their SEO packages when they make sense to the business. If you feel you have read some techniques on our site that your current SEO Company has failed to mention, you may not be getting all the services available from a professional, ethical SEO Company. Feel free to contact us about your project or with any other questions you may have.

Don’t let your press releases end up on unsavory websites. Trust Expert in SEO to handle your optimized press release needs.