Pay Per Click Advertising

Every business wants the chance to expose their product or service to purchasing ‘online’ customers. This is the heart of pay per click advertising services. This type of advertising is an effective way for users to find your products and services when querying in a search engine. Here’s how it works: The business owner registers a PPC management campaign with the pay per click search engine and is prompted to choose specific keywords or phrases (more on keyword research analysis here). When a potential customer searches in the search engine using your chosen keyword or phrase, your ad will appear in the Sponsored Links area of the search results. Although your ad is appearing on the results page, your business still incurs no costs. Only when the ad is ‘‘clicked’ (and the consumer is directed to your web page) do you incur a predetermined cost (a set amount each time your ad is clicked). This is why it is called “pay per click” advertising.

Some search engines and websites allow the user to control the clickable text being displayed while others do not allow as much control. The average listing length in characters is 50 characters, and the longest description allowed is usually under 200 characters. This means you must optimize your pay per click advertising heading and call to action description so that you can effectively draw click-through to your landing page where you sell your products or services. Constant PPC management is required to ensure that each ad is drawing the optimum number of visitors and that the amount spent per ad is optimized.

Many other competitive businesses will also use pay per click. The system, in a nut shell, works on placement directly related to the daily budget allocated against various keywords. The more you bid on PPC, the more likely your ads for higher competition keywords will appear closer to the top of the search engine listings, which is where the most visitor clicks occur. They are many tools and options which help optimize ads so that the most people are clicking through on ads on an optimized budget. Testing, insight, research and experimentation is the only way to properly optimize call to action statements, resulting in better pay per click campaign positioning.

Understanding of the inner mechanics of pay per click advertising, call to action statements and campaign management breeds great results

Internet Advertising and Pay Per Click Management
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