Local Search Marketing

The shift from push to pull marketing has revolutionized the way both consumers and brands do business. This is especially true for local businesses that cater to targeted markets. People are using the Internet to find the services and products they need, near and far. In a study done by MDG Advertising, 59% of consumers reported using Google every month to search for a local business, but only 37% of local businesses have taken on Local Search Marketing for their business. The statistics show that consumers are looking for local businesses online, but by ignoring this facet of online marketing, local businesses are missing out.

Local Search Marketing Services for California & Nationwide Clients

Boots on the ground are the lifeblood of local businesses across our nation and search marketing has presented an incomparable opportunity to lead them in when they are looking for the goods and services your business provides. But creating an effective and optimized search marketing campaign is often beyond the time commitments and available expertise of many business owners or traditional marketers.

Why Choose Our Local Search Marketing Services

Mark Twain once said, “Rumors of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated”, and so says we to the marketers who say search is dead or doesn’t work for small businesses. With our proven experience advising businesses strategies for top eCommerce businesses and managing marketing client-side and creating hundred million dollar a year brands, our deep domain expertise allows us to start with proven optimizations that many search marketers without experience would never know to deploy. We are passionate to bring you the best local search marketing services and help grow your business. Why start from scratch when you can leverage the learnings of our 15 plus year search industry experts?

Local Search Engine Optimization Services

Getting your brand and products and services listed through local search engine optimization in the organic search results is common challenge for local businesses and can be the cornerstone to a Web presence that is profitable for your organization. Our SEO experts have the skills and expertise to optimize your site architecture, develop your site content and increase your web reputation that will result in high rankings in local organic search results.

Local Search Engine Marketing Services

Extending local search marketing reach through pay per click search adverting with partners like Google AdWords and Microsoft’s Bing Advertising can be a quick and effective way to reach potential customers who are in market for the good or services you offer. Additionally, paid search engine marketing allows the marketing spend to be quantified by clicks, leads and orders so that you will know that your campaign is profitable.